#71 – The Sugar Daddy in New Zealand

Yooooooooo…. Readers. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done in terms of traveling, dating, and my overall risk-taking adventures. I don’t recommend it because you just never know who’s out here. But I guess I got pretty lucky haha So… here’s what happened. But beware! There’s sex and skydiving involved! But not at the same time hahaha Get your popcorn ready!

tenor (13)

1) Gina…what did you do…?

Well… I mean… I technically didn’t do anything. I just kind of… talked myself into a vacation haha Let’s call the guy “NZ.”  It was during the lunar new year (February). I was pondering life as I ate chicken and drank rice wine in bed. Bored, I decided to go on Tinder for a bit and ended up matching with this guy. He’s in his early 30’s, nice body, nice smile, business man, seemed interesting, so I swiped right. I thought he was in Korea, but it turns out he was swiping from Australia. After a few minutes of talking, I told NZ I was going to India and he got super excited! He really loves traveling and wanted to meet me there but I had already bought my tickets for early March. Kindly, he asked me to delay my trip, but I refused.

Later, I told him China was on my radar and he wanted to join! But I informed him it was only gonna be for a few days and it wouldn’t be worth it for him. NZ learned later that I had planned to fly down to Australia in early June… then an idea arose in his head.

NZ: Gina… I’ve never been to New Zealand. Why don’t you meet me there?

Me: Haha! If you want me to go there, you’ll have to pay for that.

NZ: Ok.

Me: … what?


NZ: I said ok. Send me your information.

Me:… uhm…

I was joking. I never thought he would have taken me seriously on paying for my flight… I started thinking in my head… what if this dude is a serial killer and he flies women out to random countries just so he can chop them up and eat them for dinner? What if he flies me there, we meet in a hotel and there’s 5 more guys there… waiting to have their turn with me. Fuuuuuuuck…..


My brain went into a downward spiral of fear… yet, I tried to be optimistic. I was intrigued and always wanted a guy who wasn’t my father to pay for my trip at least once. So… I agreed. JUDGE ME!!! KIDS! DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!

2) Gina… you went?!

Yes, child, I did. I sent that man my info for the flight ticket and in a matter of minutes, receipts for a round trip plane ticket and a decent hotel room was in my e-mail inbox. It was just…. that easy.

I told my friends and they got super concerned.

Friend 1: This isn’t real!

Friend 2: What if he cancels at the last minute???

Friend 3: What if he’s a serial killer and rapist?!

giphy (1)

Then I asked some other friends of mine who knew about men like this.

Friend 4: Don’t trust him. Just enjoy the vacation.

Friend 5: Men like him do this often. Don’t read too much into it. Enjoy yourself!

giphy (2)

I listened to friends 4 and 5 and went with it. And yes… about 2 months before I met him, I blocked his ass for saying some of the most idiotic things. Here are the top three:

Conversation 1: You’re Inferior 

NZ: Gina, people who eat meat are inferior…

Me: Ok… why?

NZ: Eating meat is bad for the environment!

Me: Uh huh… I get where you’re coming from. So you’re a vegetarian?

NZ: No. I had steak last night for dinner. I enjoy meat.


tenor (2).gif

Conversation 2: Beware of the Muslims!!! 

NZ: Gina, we can’t trust Muslims!

Me: …………………humor me. Why?

NZ: They’re all going to take over the world one day! We have to watch them!

Me: You know, in an apple orchard, many different kinds of apples grow in all different colors, flavors, etc. Some have worms in them, and some don’t. Yes, they are all apples, but you can’t say that they’re all the same. You can apply this to Muslims or any group you know of…except the KKK. They can burn in hell. *smile*

NZ: Nope! Muslims are all the same and must be stopped! Do you know how many books I’ve read about this???



Conversation 3: Sexism 

NZ: Gina, women just shouldn’t be engineers.

Me:… I really don’t wanna hear any male chauvinistic, generalizing bullshit today or any day. And besides, in a lot of places, women are still not given the opportunities to become engineers or lack the encouragement and resources to become one. Maybe if we encouraged more women to become engineers, we could come up with more innovative ideas for the future of our technology and whatever else. What if some of our ideas for the next generation of technology is locked in the minds of women in Saudi Arabia or Chad? They could be anywhere…

NZ: But Gina, studies have shown that even in countries where women are given the chance to become engineers, they just aren’t as productive. Useless! I read this in a book so it’s fact!

Me: First of all, let me guess… a man wrote the book, no? So he’s biased. Second of all… these are women in northern European countries you told me about. That’s a tiny number out of nearly 3 billion women on this planet. Third, do you even have your own opinion? Do you just let authors decide everything for you? You probably should shut up at this point.

NZ: Gina… why are you getting so emotional?

Me: I’m emotional because I have an opinion?????


And when he started disrespecting me by leaving me on “read” even after I expressed my hatred for that, I blocked him soooooooo hard. He became too much… But my friends reminded me of the free trip… So I unblocked him and he whined like a baby afterwards.

NZ: Gina, why did you block me? You’re so emotional! Like… if we were in person, would you hit me? Would you become violent towards me? Oh my God…. how could you act that way?!


Me: … please don’t play the victim, right now. It’s not an attractive look on you. I’ll see you in New Zealand.


3) OMG… Gina, well, how was the flight???

Readers… It took 3 flights to get to New Zealand. The flight from Seoul to Shanghai was fine… But the flight from Shanghai to Sydney, Australia was TERRIFYING for 2 reasons:

  1. The turbulence was so bad, that everyone on the plane literally thought we were going to die.           1z1A.gifAll passengers were screaming about! It was just the first 3 out of 9 hours of the flight too. I cried myself to sleep after that.
  2. About 4 hours later, I woke up and had to use the bathroom. And dear God… that was the most disgusting bathroom I’d ever seen. I was petrified! A kind student had given me a new pair of Nikes (for helping him prepare for his exams which he aced! <3) And I was wearing them on the plane! I didn’t want pee or any kind of DNA on my new shoes! As I began covering the floor with paper towels, a male flight attendant stopped me.

Flight Attendant: Excuse me, miss. May I?

He gestured to clean it for me. I nodded in agreement. He proceeded to clean the entire bathroom, pee, poop and all with his bare freaking hands… When he finished, he didn’t wash his hands. Then… he had the audacity to pat my left arm and say “It’s all clean for you now, miss!”

giphy (20).gif

Readers… I did so much internal screaming… I vigorously washed my left sleeve but it was too late. By the time I had gotten off the plane in Sydney, I had a cold. Thanks, China Eastern Airlines.

tenor (3)

The flight from Sydney to Auckland was a pleasant 4-hour plane ride. I flew with a Latin Airline company called LATAM. They had the most high-tech plane I’d ever experienced. There were no window shades but the glass on the windows automatically became tinted if too much sun shined in. There was also a button to control it too. We also flew over a place where two oceans meet but don’t mix! Super amazing! Check out the pics here!

4) So… what about the sugar daddy?!?!?!

Hmmm… Before last week, I was going to limit how much info I was going to tell. But he pissed me off  last week again so here’s the whole story.

The Sex

When I met him, he looked like his picture and how he appeared on video call, thank God! We grabbed an Uber and headed to our Bed & Breakfast place. He was a bit quiet on the ride in so I mainly made conversation with the driver to compensate for the silence.

After arriving to the hotel and checking in, he expressed that we should get food. NZ chose the first restaurant that popped up on the street which turned out to be pretty expensive with small portions. Our meal was nearly $100 when it should have been $20 but whatever. I didn’t pay! haha


Later, we returned to the hotel, took separate showers and got ready for bed. We were both pretty tired from our flights. He turned out the light and we wished each other a good night. It’s winter this time of year (June) in New Zealand, so the heat was on, making a soothing sound in our room. We felt comfy and cozy.

About 2 minutes after tucking ourselves in, he rolled over and snuggled up to me. I thought that was cute and smiled a bit to myself. Then he grabbed a boob…

Me: Ughhh… I guess we’re going to have sex now. This better be good…


So he turns me over, and literally eats my face. I don’t think he cared that I wasn’t kissing back. His mouth was on my lips, chin, nose, cheeks, simultaneously. It was like he didn’t get enough for dinner, so he thought chewing and sucking Gina’s face would satisfy him…

giphy (21).gif

After slobbering all over my face, he began to fondle my breast and bite them like a dog chewing celery for the first time. The way he did foreplay… it felt as though he’d only experienced sex dolls because no woman would actually enjoy this…

Next, he got a condom out and put KY Jelly on it… I’m assuming he knew he lacked skills in the foreplay department because I wasn’t the least bit turned on. And after he entered me… he actually started to do a good job!

giphy (4).gif

I thought “Oh, ok. He sucks at foreplay but at least he can hit it right! Yessssssss!” Unfortunately, that only lasted 3 to 5 minutes. #why



After realizing he had already came, I spoke in disbelief.

Me: Uhm… is that it?

NZ: Uh… yeah.

Me: Ok……………………………….

As he got up to shower for the 2nd time, I laid there in bed, thinking to myself “Did he really just fly me out to have sex with me for 5 minutes… in the dark… in the missionary position? He really thought I would be satisfied with that kindergarten shit? #laughable

giphy (3)

He never touched me again after that. The next day, we laid in bed all day because we were so tired from traveling and just ate pizza and watched 13 Reasons Why. I was practically naked in front of him and all he did was eat, watch the show and talk. One of those days, I remember he literally talked from 3pm to 3am, lecturing me about books he read like he was a professor at a community college. Towards the end of the trip, I asked him why he didn’t try to have sex again. He literally said “I didn’t think about it.” I’m assuming he was ashamed of cumming too early or as my mom said “Maybe he just had one go in him! Men peak sexually at 18 while we peak in our 30’s!” Either way, he was disappointing. Whatever!

Z2OVJpk (1)


5) What about Skydiving??? Hobbiton???

We went skydiving on the third day. It wasn’t really scary. When you jump out of the plane, you don’t really feel like you’re falling. It feels like you’re laying on a bed of air. However, as you’re falling, there’s so much air rushing up into your face that you can’t really breathe properly. So for 70 seconds, as I fell from 16,500 ft (nearly 5000 meters), I was being suffocated by air. How ironic! I couldn’t even scream. But of course my instructor was perfectly fine because HE WAS WEARING A HELMET! I should have been wearing one too or at least a mask but…whatever. Here’s about 2 minutes of me skydiving. Go to the 2nd and 3rd clip. It’s actually pretty funny. I laughed while narrating it. lol

And visiting the set of The Hobbit was pretty cool. But I have to say I was more impressed with the landscape of New Zealand as a whole.

The place looks like another world. I remember when I first flew over it, it looked prehistoric. I was waiting for a dinosaur to pop up. Some parts of the land looked spiritual.

I felt like, had I walked into the lake of fog, I’d have walked into the spirit world. Jesus… it was just so beautiful. I’d love to go back.

6) Wow, Gina! Well, at least you made it back safe!

Very true. And I got to fly back in first class!

Before parting ways with NZ, aka the Sugar Daddy, I thanked him for not chopping me up into little pieces and generally being ok… lol We hugged and said goodbye after spending a day in Sydney together.

I don’t have any regrets. Minus the bad sex, I still had fun and learned a lot about myself, from him and what life has to offer. I said I wanted to go to New Zealand and Australia last year, but it wasn’t in my budget because of grad school in the fall (2018). As I said in the last blog, thought and energy are everything. I kept thinking, saying and believing that I was going to these 2 countries and manifested a sugar daddy into existence! Haha Like MAGIC!

giphy (22)

There are so many different places to explore on this planet. And every time I visit a new country, I definitely feel as though I come back different – stronger, more empowered, and wiser.

Welp, that’s all folks! I’ll catch you next week! ^^







9 thoughts on “#71 – The Sugar Daddy in New Zealand

  1. Oh dear! What an adventure. Some people just have that kind of luck. Meaning, the world just takes care of them no matter what kind of risks they take. I know for a fact I don’t have that kind of luck. But I’m happy you lived to tell the tale. 🙂

  2. Wow girl, wild AF, twists and turns at every point lolll. I would have also 100% taken that risk! Kudos for that… and imagine he had turned out to be the perf sugar daddy… ah well, you got a free trip out of it!

  3. I LITERALLY hosed myself reading this…. That time I’m in the office Hahaahhahahahaahahahahahahaha

  4. This blog was a trip lmaooo, someone linked me to this and I’ve been looking back through your other posts and they’ve all been fantastic. I’ve been living in Korea since 2015 and so much of it resonates (especially the dating scene my god). anyway, thanks for writing such entertaining, interesting pieces! I’ll definitely be checking back to read more!

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